manners for the modern age

offered by Message in Motion


Grades: 1- 6 Now open to grades 5 & 6

WEDNESDAYS 3:30-4:30 in the Library

Cost: $138

Dates: 1/23 - 3/13 (no skipped days)

8 classes


Calling all young ladies and gentlemen! Going beyond “please” and “thank you”, our etiquette, manners, and social grace class will help refine your child, teaching them to feel confident in any social situation. We will learn and put into practice table manners and how to set a table, etiquette for proper introductions and making a good first impression, conversational etiquette with elders and peers alike, telephone and smartphone manners, and manners outside the home including sportsmanship and spectatorship, courtesy at public places, dealing with bullies, and more! Students will practice their newly learned etiquette in a fun, magical environment where role playing, props, and hands on activities and crafts give way to chivalrous knights and sophisticated young ladies. At the core of this class is the understanding that at the root of good manners are the development of interpersonal skills including kindness, humility, and empathy- paying attention to what others need and may be feeling. Class will culminate with a tea party where children can dress up and put into use all they’ve learned. This class is a true gift of both culture and investment- providing the basis for skills they can apply today and throughout their life, both personally and professionally!


Instructor Details: Message in Motion,, 540-339-7589,



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Total Cost: $138 ($99 tuition, $3 PTA Administrative Services fee*)


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*A $3.00 Administrative Services fee will be charged by the PTA for each student. This fee goes towards the PTA costs of delivering the after school program. The Administrative Services fee is non-refundable. Please contact with any questions.

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