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RunFit Kidz offered by RunFid Kidz to Grades 2-6 (see details for grade 1) Registration Closed

Soccer offered by Love the Ball to Grades K-5 

Karate offered by Kaizen Karate to Grades K-6 Registration Closed

Tennis for Beginners offered by First Serve Tennis to Grades K-3 Wednesday

Tennis: Fun and Fundamentals offered by First Serve Tennis to Grades 3-6 Mondays

Girls on the Run offered by Girls on the Run to Grades 3-6  Registration Closed



Comic Book Illustration offered by STEM exCEL to Grades 1-4 Registration Closed

Electronics with Redstone Minecraft offered by STEM exCEL to Grades 3-6 Registration Closed


Chess for Beginners offered by Snow's Chess Academy to Grades 1-3 Registration Closed

Chess Club offered by Snow's Chess Academy to Grades 3-6 

Hip Hop Dance offered by Kids in Motion to Grades K-3

Fine Arts for Kids offered by Tysons Art & Learning to Grades K-6 Registration Closed


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