In addition to these advertised donation requests, from time to time the PTA supports community needs that do have a formal sign-up. To learn about such giving opportunities, please sign up for our 
Neighbors Helping Neighbors email distribution list; simply send the email that the link generates.

Teacher Holiday Raffle

Traditionally, the PTA has sent our Teachers off on Winter Break with a fun Celebration and Holiday Gift Raffle! This year, it'll be a little different, but we would still like to collect gift cards and small gifts ($10-$15 range) that we can raffle off and surprise our Teachers with. If you'd like to help with this effort, please sign up! Thank you!

Winter Food Items - Coffee!

One of our local churches has volunteered to pack Winter Food Boxes for our families, but we would like to supplement them with a special treat... Coffee! If you would like to donate a bag of coffee, please sign up.

Grocery Gift Card Donations

If you are able and would like to help, CPES is accepting gift cards to either Walmart or Giant, which will be distributed to our families who could use support. At this time, Giant cards are especially appreciated. Both stores sell plastic gift cards online. Click below for links:



$25 increments preferred. Please write the card value in permanent ink on the card. Please no e-gift cards.

For the shipping address, please use:

CPES Donation
2734 Oakton Park Ct.
Vienna, VA 22181


Teacher's Lounge Refresh (sign up full: Thanks!)

With our Teachers starting to return to the building, we'd like to set up the Teacher's Lounge with individually wrapped treats for them to enjoy throughout the day. Please view the sign up to donate items.

Thanksgiving Meal Boxes - (sign-up full: Thanks!)

This year, our PTA will be helping supply 45 Thanksgiving Food boxes for families in our Community. This need is significantly higher than in past years. If you are able to make a donation, please sign up here. Please note, if you sign up for perishable items, please check the sell by date. Donation drop off will be November 18th/19th. Thank you!



Cardinal Campaign


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